Terms of saleTerms of sale

These sales conditions are applicable to professional clients (not for e-shop users). 


1. General

Our general terms of sale apply for all purchases, orders and/or deliveries, which are made by us. The client accepts them by the fact of his purchase and/or order. Eventual terms of sale of the customer are only binding to us if they are accepted explicitly in advance in writing.


2. VAT

Our offers and prices are without VAT and applicable for a period of one month from the date that they were made. After this period we demand our customers to ask for a confirmation of their validity.


3. Transport

The products are transported for account and risk of the client, even when it is a carriage-paid consignment.


4. Delivery

 Our delivery dates are given by way of information and except for stipulation to the contrary; we do not accept responsibility or fine in case of delay. The delayed execution of an order doesn't give the right to the customer to annul the order.


5. Quality

We guarantee the delivery to be similar to the quality of the previously sent samples of printed or unprinted material.


6. Quantity

In case we are dealing with a delivery of printed material following to the indications of the client, we can deliver 10 % in more or less, according to the available material reserved for this client. No complaints will be accepted regarding to this quantity tolerance.


7. Printing

As for the printed matter in general and in specific, the professional practices and general conditions for deliveries and work assignments typical of the printing business are into effect as summarized by the union of the graphic and book industry - Febelgra.

The client who gives a printing or reproduction assignment, is supposed to be authorized and will carry, with exclusion of us all responsibility.


8. Payment

A. The amount of the invoices and debit notes which are not paid within fifteen days after their expiry date, will be raised legally and without declaration in default with a fixed and irreducible compensation of 15 % of this amount, with a minimum of 250 €, to compensate our extrajudicial collecting charges undiminished the other remunerations and costs in case of legal recoveries. On all outstanding debts an interest will be calculated equal to the base rate of cash credit charged by the Belgian banks increased with 2%.

B. We remain owner of all the delivered material until all concerning invoices are completely paid. 

C. The person or company, who places the order, is considered as customer and stands bail for the payment of the invoice. Even when it has to be sent and made up to a third party.


9. Pick up

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the goods have to be picked up at last 14 days after the agreed date of pick up. 

Each order for which no date of pick up was foreseen will be kept in our warehouse for maximum 1 month.

If the goods are not picked up within this or other agreed time, we are entitled either to invoice the sold goods and to demand the payment or to annul the order. 

In the first case we will keep the goods for account and risk of the buyer in our warehouse and we will be entitled to invoice all costs together with the purchase price. 

In the second case that buyer will have to pay us a fixed and irreducible compensation of 50% of the amount of sale with a minimum of 125 €.


10. Cancellation

In case the buyer cancels his order totally or partially a compensation of minimum 30% of the cancelled order has to be paid. In case the goods are printed following the specifications of the buyer, the order can not be canceled and the total amount has to be paid.


11. Complaints

A. All complaints regarding the executed order or invoice have to be made in writing and addressed to our administrative office within 5 days after the execution or reception of it. 

B. Reclamations. The acceptance of a delivery note or dispatch note means acceptance of the quantity. 

The use even partially of the delivery applies legally as acceptance. Eventual deficiencies discovered in certain parts of the delivery can not result in a refusal of the total delivery. These deficiencies can only result in a decrease in price and can by no means lead to the obligation of replacement or compensation.

The seller however has the right to correct and replace. Anyhow the reductions or compensations can not be higher than the amount of the invoice of the disputed delivery.


12. Jurisdiction

In case of dispute only the Belgian law is applicable and only the Court of the district of our place of business is competent.


13. By accepting this order, the purchaser agrees and accepts to the General Conditions of Sale of Happy

The Purchaser accepts these terms as well as all other rights and obligations as stated on the website by using the website and/or placing an order. Purchaser hereby voluntarily agree to sell the Happy products only on his/her own web site and not sell to third online platforms.


14. These General Conditions of Sale shall be always and exclusively applicable,

except in the case of an explicit derogation. An explicit derogation is only valid insofar as it is the result of a mutual agreement that is recorded in writing. Explicit derogations are only valid to replace or supplement the clauses to which they relate. This does not affect the applicability of the other provisions of these General Conditions of Sale.




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