Happy 3D PuzzlesHappy 3D Puzzles

Discover our entire foam cube puzzle collection: from 2D puzzle to 3D cube, from easy to mindboggling! 

Happy Cube Family - new! Happy Cube Family - new!
Happy Cube FamilyHappy Cube Family
Little Genius Happy Cube Profi Cube Marble Cube

The Happy Cube Family consists of four graded foam cubepuzzle sets.

More 3D PuzzlesMore 3D Puzzles
Happy Cube XL Micro Cube Acrylic Smart Cube Planet Cube Space Puzzle

Many more challenging and fun 3D cube puzzles.

Puzzle a foam cube with the 6 pieces, then put them back into the frame. Combine cubes to create multi-dimensional puzzle constructions. 

The Happy Cube Puzzle Family consists of four graded foam cube puzzle sets.

Discover the entire collection foam 2D & 3D puzzlecubes, from easy to mindboggling, in several colours and sizes. 

When children grow up 4 areas of development can be supported on a playful way by Happy Cube 3D puzzling: physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.

Solid brain connections are made because multiple senses are used while playing with the Happy Cubes. Think, act and feel happy!

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