Skyking Foam Air GliderSkyking Foam Air Glider ©

Age group: 5+
Skyking front card
Skyking front card
Skyking front cardMake somebody smile today #SkyKingSkyKing! 3 models available
Skyking back cardKing of the world with SkyKingSkyKing foam AirGlider model Condor - put the pieces together to create your AirGlider
Make somebody smile today #SkyKingSkyKing foam AirGlider model ColibriSkyKing foam AirGlider model Eagle
Sky Kings are foam planes and airgliders, with a weight in the nose to ensure a balanced flight. Great for safe silent indoor and all weather outdoor play! Three models avalable: Condor, Colibri and Eagle. SkyKings are easily put together and fly very well. One SkyKing comes in an headerbag with an instruction card.

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