Distributor TutorialDistributor Tutorial

Dear 'Happy' distributor,

As a marketing support to the Happy-endusers, we invite you to go through the attached manual, as an example, to complete your individual previewed space, by you as our local distributor. This means you are a user on our site. You can log in here and you will be redirected to your distributor page.

How does a distributors area looks like?

1/ This is the first screen you will see:

With a click on the -edit- button, you can change the details of your own location or add more informations.

2/ You can create new content, to inform endconsumers about Fairs/Demodays or Retail Shops.

  • Fairs/Demodays is related to events, here you can add pictures, you can define when the event takes place and where. Make sure to click the 'save' button when you are finished entering information. 

An example of created Fairs/Demoday : 


  • Retail Shop; several shop locations or showrooms in different cities selling Happy products.

An example of retail Shop: 

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