Happy Cube XLHappy Cube XL ©

Age group: 5+
Difficulty: **

IQ building smart game

Happy Cube XL box
Happy Cube XL box
Happy Cube XL boxHappy Cube XL overview: box with cards and some of the possible constructions (challenges included in the cards).

Happy Cube XL is a game set of 6 extra large Happy Cubes (5 x 5 cm cubes). The box includes 32 cards targeting 60 challenges in 4 levels with increasingly difficulty (explorer, builder, creator and architect). Get creative and astound friends and family with your impressive creations! 

Level explorer * - 2D puzzles and 3D cube puzzles with one colour.

Level builder ** - Simple 3D construction puzzles in one direction with several colours.

Level creator *** - Advanced 3D construction puzzles in two directions with several colours.

Level architect **** - Advanced 3D construction puzzles in three directions with several colours.

The box is made of sustainable carton and enables storage of the puzzles after playing. 


Play value: stimulates spatial thinking, starting from 5 year old.

Play time: countless hours.

Play alone or with multiple players.


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