Common mistakesCommon mistakes

ILLUSTRATOR TEMPLATE - common mistakes

  • Artwork send in as pdf, instead of as .ai. 
  • Artwork not placed on our illustrator template.
  • Artwork not placed in the right illustrator layer 'add your artwork'.
  • Artwork divided over several files. 
  • Layers of the template and info deleted (eg BL number).
  • Unnecessary clipping masks due the use of other programs or old versions of Illustrator. 
  • Elements of the template (eg, coloured print area or toe straps) processed in the artwork in the 'add your artwork' layer, which are not removable due to a clipping mask.  
  • Artworks not placed directly in the ai file, but with linked files. 

PRINTABLE AREA - common mistakes

  • Artwork not placed and centered on the printable areas. 
  • No bleed of 3 mm with an all-over print.

TEXT AND FONT - common mistakes

  • Text size smaller than the minimum of 6 pt
  • Text not in outlines and font not included. 


  • Details smaller than 2 mm used in the design
  • Different coloured lines and colours positioned closer to each other as 2 mm (only a problem with screen print)

FLIP FLOP LOGO CUT-OUT - common mistakes

  • inside of all letters and symbols (o, a, b, d, e, r, p, q, g, &, ...) not cleared
  • less than 0,4 cm between all cutting lines: between and in letters/symbols:
    • opening at the e, a, s, c, g, G, &
    • dot of the i
    • legs of the x, v, w, k, y, n, m, u, f, h

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