Key QualitiesKey Qualities

The Happy Cubes are educational toys, they have several good features:

  • People can experience success when they finish a cube, that’s good for their self-esteem. They will feel like a genius! 

  • Mind-body coordination is practiced.

  • Locomotion is stimulated.

  • Differentiation is possible. So every one can find the difficulty that fits his or her level of development and challenge. For example, a beginner starts with the blue Happy Cube and becomes a professional when finishing the purple Marble Cube. Experts can make big constructions while combining the whole Happy Cube Family together.

  • Concentration is optimal because of the task tension, which is challenging but feasible. 

  • The brain gets activated. People have to think about what their next step is going to be. They anticipate in a logical way about the endresult. A strategy is made!

  • Strategy is combined with effective doing.

  • A three-dimensional insight is given. Spatial thinking is promoted.

  • People learn how to handle change and be flexible. To be successful the challenge must be approached from different angles. In our ever-changing world, these characteristics are key competences.

  • The material is pleasant because it is smooth, it has the same softness as the human skin.

  • The Happy Cube is packaged in itself, once the pieces are put back into the frame.    

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