The Happy Cube© is made of soft and solid foam of a very good quality, with no smell: EVA-foam (ethylene vinyl acetate). EVA feels like velvet and resembles the feeling of human skin, therefore it gives a safe feeling to children. You can wash it at maximum 30°C, so you can play with the Happy Cube puzzles endlessly. Moreover, our foam is partly made from natural rubber. The puzzle is produced without CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbon) and is friendly to the environment. 

Karine Doorsselaer, lecturer at Artesis University College of Antwerp (Belgium), told us the following:

"EVA is one of the least harmful synthetic materials. With optimal combustion, only CO2 and H2O are released, so thermal recycling can be done. The calorific value of EVA is similar to that of oil. So you can say that EVA is a rather environmentally friendly plastic.

However manufacturers (mostly from Asia) profit from cheap but harmful substances, such as formamide, by mingling it through their foam. In itself, this proces is totally pointless for the production of EVA and redundant."

We feel the health of children is most precious on earth. We take care for our manufacturers responsability as market builder and guarantee that our foam 100% European made and child safe


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